In this week, we are analyzing two different websites to identify calls to action within their target market group. The two websites are and

Armstrong Gardens is a chain of gardening stores aimed at general-purpose gardening tools and services. Myrtle Creek is a botanical garden incentivized on delivering a guest experience with multiple amenities.

Myrtle Creek is more of an experience and a day out with the family compared to just a storefront of Armstrong Gardens. Their website is appealing and informative with calls to action to basically come to visit and try out their garden and their award-winning pie. However Armstrong essentially just promotes their national line of gardening tools and uses general calls to action to bring customers to their tried and true gardening services and techniques.

The crossover between the two would come from both general family needs and the love for botany and gardening, but these tw…


I use Humble Bundle frequently to check out cool game bundles and to also put a little money towards charity while enjoying great deals. The website is wonderfully designed and displays all of its main bundles on the front page. Their design aesthetic works wonderfully and has great color compensation.

They have unique title cards for each bundle and mix in-store titles as well giving the user a good selection of both current and old titles for sale. When hovering over title cards, it displays text describing the package or game with a timer counting down to the expiration. Its all very neatly wrapped together.

Along with that, the Humble Bundle Store also neatly displays games on sale and what publishers are having big discounts as well. Overall the Humble Bundle Store is very effective in terms of design. It gives all the information needed to the user and has a very friendly design.
The Mira Costa Website is well designed but ha…

CSIT 155 Week IV-A

Determining Problems from Example Sites  a) The site design is garish and has very poor professionalism. No use of CSS or versatile backgrounds as well with not. Content is splayed everywhere with very few condensations of information. As well with way too many stock photos.     b)The site would be better if it had a better design as well with better use of colors. If more professional photos, as well as less usage of stock photos, was utilized the site would look much better. More engaging site presence means your site is taken more seriously and would look less like a scam site. A)Obviously, this site is extremely old and probably has been build up over the years with addition after addition. Once again the color scheme is garish but photos are original but lack professionalism. There are missing plugins on the home page as well. There is just too much information everywhere and a lot of it is repeated information as well. There are ton…

Research on Social Media and Business(CSIT Week III-B)

1.Valve Corporation
4.Valve utilize their digital distribution platform Steam in order to keep their users up to date as well as a Youtube channel to announce new projects or features for their platform
5. Sep 8th(Steam),November 28th 2018(Youtube)
6. Valve mostly utilizes Steam in order to distribute information to their customers. Since there is always new software and deals going on in the platform Valve keeps up to date.

3.Instagram,Twitter, Facebook
4.They use all of their social media
5.Twitter(Sep 7th),FB(Sep 3rd),IG(Sep 4th)
6. Wendys being a huge fast food corporation utilizes all aspects of social media as well with encouraging its branches to have their own social media to promote products. On their main website they have promotional materials to be utilized by branches and other marketing firms

1.Miguels Cocina

Communicating with Businesses as A Consumer

A Smart Consumer is a Happy Consumer
When it comes to interacting with businesses I've only ever seen it through the lens of another party, usually a video or a meme. I have never really had issues with the products I have bought throughout my life and dealing with the bank to check accounts or get back into my account because I put in the wrong password. I have used internet forums more often than not in order to fix issues with my PC or to research issues with whatever service I am having trouble with.

With the advent of mass social media, corporations can easily respond to customer issues. Both small and big businesses can directly communicate with their clients in order to answer questions and solve issues. For those in need of solutions, I can definitely see how social media can very quickly reach the desired outcome for both business and consumer.

I myself have never used social media to directly communicate with a business. At my job( I work at a theme park) however one of …


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